Chapter 5 – “I’ve become quite used to this life”

Three months have passed since I began my service for the House of Windhill. I’ve become quite used to life here.

Waking up every morning before sunrise, I consistently train my body. This is because servants must rise early at the Windheel house, having to wake up alongside the rising sun to begin their duties. Therefore I must make time before then to train.

In this ridiculously large courtyard, I run while also performing my general strength training routine which consists of things such as push-ups and sit-ups. I train like this only until the sun rises.

After the sun has risen, my role as an attendant begins… or it should, but it seems there really is not much for me to do. Outside of one’s regular duties of being an attendant, my predecessor, Will, had taught me the additional responsibilities of an attendant, that being the methods of interacting with other noble houses. These include preparing for tea parties and other such events held at our house, selecting guests as well as the sending of letters towards those guests, and finally, the confirmation of their arrival. It seems this job is considerably difficult.

Contrarily, an attendant must confirm invitations that have been received and decide from there whether or not it is an event that their house should attend. I guess that means that I need to be knowledgeable of the relationships between the noble houses and judge whether to go or not based on my own research of the participants. This seems to be a job where one must absolutely have a solid understanding of the surrounding circumstances.

However, such duties have not sprung up as of yet. This isn’t because of the fact that Master Vincent is still a child, rather, from what I’ve heard, the children of high-ranking nobles tend to be dragged out to these types of social gatherings quite often. In the first place, in this world, it seems as if a noble child’s coming age ceremony must be held by the time they’re sixteen; I’ve even heard of some who have performed it as early as twelve.

Because there was a ceremony called “Genpuku” that used to be practiced in my old world that seems similar to this, I’ve come to the conclusion that this is just how it is when it comes to important people.

Master Vincent is still only ten, so becoming an adult is something that is still a way’s off into the future. That being said, it seems that he will be attending school in two years’ time. Considering that, I feel as if from now on, interacting with other noble children who are of the same generation is important.

Despite that…. we have received absolutely zero invitations.

This is the case even though there should be many who would want to interact and potentially form a connection with the Marquis House of Windhill.

Why is this the case? There are none in the house who are willing to tell me. I gave up my investigation after coming to the conclusion that it’s probably something they can’t talk about. Well, I guess I’ll figure it out sooner or later.

Rather than worrying about all that, I’m currently doing my best to utilize the time that has been given to me. To be more specific, I’m learning how to read.

The writing of this world is, to say the least, definitely not Japanese. The first time I attempted to write my name, it looked like nothing more than scribbles. Their way of writing resembles the English alphabet to me more than anything.

I had all but lost hope at that time. Being in such a position as an attendant, if one were not able to do something as simple as write, it would be fatal to my place as an attendant.

However, as luck would have it, it seems as if I’m able to read the language. When reading, my eyes recognize the written words as Japanese, meaning that I’m only unable to write. Still, that’s a big problem, as even out of all of the responsibilities that fall to an attendant, doing something such as being able to write letters on someone else’s behalf is vital.

I must become able to write, but no matter how many times I look at it, all I see is Japanese.

Even though these characters should look completely different…

Though I had deemed it impossible, that other existence made it feasible.

– Perspective Switch –

When I had regained awareness, the letters written in front of me were not Japanese, but those of this world’s language. Since I can’t read or write, I had no idea what it is that was written, and could only make out the shapes.

However, just being able to see shapes was enough. Whatever was written there, my other self understands. My job is to confirm the letters in front of me and write them down. Again, whatever the meaning of the words, my other self understands. Thus, as I learn the meanings of the letters, my other self learns their shapes.

I’m impressed at how my other self could come up with something like this.

– Back to Ryou (MC) –

The results of my studies are gradually becoming apparent. Upon looking at the book I’ve been using to study with, it appears as if the Japanese characters and the letters of this world have become blended together. The letters that have changed to those of this world’s language are the ones that I have already learned.

Deciphering the meaning of what I was reading was difficult at first, but I have become considerably used to it by now. By doing that every single day without fail, I have also become more comfortable with using a quill. Still, I feel as if my handwriting is a bit poor but is becoming neater little by little

– Perspective Switch –

The road to becoming a fully-fledged attendant

That point is still a long way’s off, however, I can feel my moving forward towards it little by little. I wonder why I am working so earnestly for this job? I guess I already know the answer; it’s because I just can’t leave those two selfish siblings by themselves. Even though those two cause many problems for me, still, there is no one else in this world that I am able to rely on.

To even someone like me, they treat normally. Me, who is hated and receives abuse by the people of my surroundings, those two stand up and defend.

My strangeness does not come only from the fact that I have “Odd-Eyes”. I am not normal in more ways than that.

In one body, there are two existences.

I currently have started to feel a resistance occurring between them. That guy and I, my existence and his, little by little, the wall that divides our two selves is crumbling and will soon become something like a single entity. We will both exist at the same time, however, will share the same self.

I feel myself maturing, and accordingly, he is becoming more childish. My other existence was the one who described our merging into one soul. I thought that was fine, but even if we completely merge into one person, it doesn’t mean that I will become someone normal.

We both understood that.

My other self seemed more prepared for that than I. He came from another world, so I guess it is reasonable for him to understand strange things.

But I’m different. As an orphan of the slums, my existence was one without power, and dying at any time would not have been surprising.

An existence such as mine is not something rare in the slums, but why has it turned out like this? My other doesn’t seem to know either.

I wonder if I will become someone who holds power? At that time, would I be able to exist normally? If I do become powerful, for those two’s sake, I would want to use that power.

My other self is reliable; saying, “This body is yours,” many times over he has handed control back over to me. The result of having thought over various things led to the simple truth that even though I did indeed die, he is a sincere person who still handed back my body to the afterimage of my consciousness. It was the first time I had ever met someone like him in my life.

Our meeting was strange, but he is also a part of me and I am currently a part of him. At any rate, he has a reliable consciousness. One way or another, with that seriousness of his, I want him to repress the distorted anger that remains within my heart.

In order to maintain this happiness.


It is 4 o’clock, I usually go to wake up Vincent-sama at 8 in the morning. This was originally the maid’s job, not mine, however, since she dislikes looking after Vincent-sama who is poor at waking up in the morning, before I had noticed, the job had been thrust upon me.

In front of the room, the maid prepares herself and awaits my arrival… or that’s how it should have been.

“Why haven’t you brought coffee!?”

“Uhh, that’s because….”

“Even though you haven’t brought coffee to wake me up, why is it that you’ve awakened me!?”

From within the room I become able to hear a voice shouting in anger. It seems that the maid has woken him up. That’s not particularly a problem, but I would have prefered it to be done skillfully. Lightly sighing, I return with a trot to the hall I had just come from. I feel guilty for the maid, however, I’d like her to endure it for a bit because thanks to her, I had to come up with a method of calming Vincent down.

When I got back, Vincent’s voice had quieted down. Despite that, he still seems to be continuing his stream of complaints towards the maid. This tenacity is something that he does not seem to be able to apply to other endeavours. While thinking that, I enter the room.

Upon opening the curtains that were constantly shut after passing the side of the bed, the sun shines through. As expected from the room of an heir, the room is well lit.

When I look back, naturally, the line of sight of Vincent-sama heads towards me who suddenly entered the room. After confirming that, I bow politely.

“Good morning, Vincent-sama.”

“Yeah, Good morning.”

“I have prepared some apple juice for you this morning.”


Hearing what I had said, Vincent-sama’s eyebrows wrinkle as if he were going to be hard to please. Still, I must not lose my nerves.

“I have prepared apple juice.”

“Why not coffee? I always drink a lot of coffee to wake me up.”

“Yes, that is certainly what I have been told.”

“Then why have you not done as I have said? Aren’t you my attendant?”

“Truthfully, after reading a book yesterday, I discovered something. “


“It seems that drinking coffee directly after waking upon is not very good for you.”

” I don’t know about that. I always drink coffee though….”

Nevertheless, it’s not that Vincent particularly enjoys coffee. He just is imitating is dad, Marquis Windhill.


“What is it?”

“It’s just that it was written in King Takemitsu’s book of anecdotes.”

To Vincent-sama, when it comes to existences which surpass even his father the only one would be the third king of the kingdom of Grandflame, Takemitsu, who greatly expanded the kingdom’s territory through his military prowess and laid the foundation for the current king.


“King Takemitsu was a supported of constantly taking care of one’s body.”

“I know. King Takemitsu who acted without concern for his life while on the battlefield and in peacetime, minded his health to degree of a coward. Though it was because he believed his worth to be on the battlefield, and so he would be able to display his maximum amount of power during battle.”

“That King Takemitsu said that coffee was bad for one’s health.”

“…And apple juice?”

“It seems that fruit is good for one’s body. Fruit is sweet and it seems to be able to improve one’s ability to think.”

These aren’t the words of King Takemitsu, however it is fine if it’s only to this degree.

“It that so? Then, applejuice is fine.”

“Understood, Well then, I will place it one the table, so please drink.”

“Got it.”

Stepping down from the bed, Vincent sits down at the table. He has already forgotten about the matter with the maid.

With this, I have fulfilled my duties for today as well.

It was a waste that I ended up having to use the story that I had prepared in reserve to get him out from his bed in order to pacify his temper. It is pretty hard to come up with a topic every day that will draw Vincent-sama’s interest.

However, I know. Doing things such as refusing to get up when the maid comes and pitching a fit, it is all on purpose.

It is for the people who don’t agree with me being here; in order for them to recognize my importance, this is what he came up with.

There is nothing to say other than coming up with a topic of conversation every morning is something I can do to respond to that kindness.

“Well then, I will now impart to you today’s schedule.”

“Go ahead.”

Vincent-sama responds by calmly nodding his head. After explaining the unchanging daily schedule, my work for the morning will have been accomplished.

Things such as the changing of clothes and the preparation of Vincent’s attire are the duties of the maid.

Until that is finished, in the neighboring room, I prepare for my morning class. On top of my desk, I lay out a textbook, something to take notes with, and blank sheets of paper.

The previous day’s homework was… blank as usual. Taking out a pen, I solve the problems to the extent of my understanding.

By the time that is done, so too is Vincent-sama’s preparations who enters into the room.

“Did you do it?”

“You should probably do this yourself first…”

“It’s your job to study the homework that I don’t do. If you feel like doing it, you could do as much as you’d like. Actually, won’t you be done by the time the teacher comes?”